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VIEIRA, Alberto [coord.]

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Autor:VIEIRA, Alberto [coord.]
Título:SLAVES WITH OR WITHOUT SUGAR Registers of the International Seminar, Funchal, 17th to 21st June 1996
Descrição:Atlanti History Study Centers, Funchal, 1996. In-8º de 305-(1)págs. Br.
Observações:Conjunto das comunicações realizadas durante o Seminário Internacional "Slaves Whith or Without Sugar".

This link o the slave trade to the sugar would have been the invention of the European crusaders in the Jerusalem colonies, and it was through the Christian world that this idea was spread, as in the Arab world the slaves rarely are associated to the sugar culture and industry. This way, the Italian colonies of the Eastern Mediterranean worked as a trial for the new socio-economic dynamics that afterwards spread to the West right down to sulkily: from there they wouldhave got to Madeira.